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James W. Caron, Ed.D.

Mary E. Provencher, LICSW

Kerry McDonnell, LICSW

The Competency Consultation Group is pleased to announce an expanded service for families whose son or daughter is turning 18 (or older than 18) and may require a guardian to assist with decision making. Our team provides private, professional and personal attention in assessing whether your family member needs to have a guardian. We provide an evaluation by a psychologist and social worker, review of records, and preparation of reports required to apply for guardianship. The team conducts the evaluation over Zoom in most instances, and in special circumstances may conduct the assessment at the student’s home or school.  A draft of the report is generally delivered within 5-7 business days.  

What we provide:

  • Review of relevant records and evaluations, including academic, psychological or neuropsychological testing
  • Interview(s) with the student and parent, to conduct an evaluation of the student’s cognitive, problem-solving, and decision-making capacities, in the domains of financial skills, medical decisions, and general welfare issues
  • Preparation of a Clinical Team Report or Medical Certificate (official form required for the guardianship application), signed by a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. (The family will generally contact the student’s physician to complete the CTR, as a physician’s evaluation and recommendation are also required.)
  • Preparation of a report documenting the student’s capacities and needs, and the rationale for guardianship
  • Information and guidance to the family regarding the guardianship process
  • Convenience for the family: Our team conducts a single evaluation session with both the social worker and psychologist and prepares a complete and integrated report.  The evaluation session includes interviews with a parent, the student, and a professional provider (such as a Special Education teacher, psychotherapist, or Speech.Language therapist who is familiar ith the student's capacities). The session is generally conducted over Zoom.
  • Quick turnaround: Our draft report usually will be completed within 5 to 7 business days.

Who should contact us:

Our specialized service is most appropriate for families whose son or daughter is about to turn 18 and who may require a guardian to provide assistance in decision-making and to provide continuity for the parents’ role once the student reaches the age of majority. Families who wish to facilitate this sometimes cumbersome process by working with a team of experienced professionals on a private basis are encouraged to contact us.

We also provide evaluations for individuals who are older than 18 for the following situations:

  • Guardianship was not pursued because the parents assumed they would continue to exercise parental authority after the age of 18
  • An evaluation was conducted but the time period expired before a determination was made, and a new evaluation is needed
  • The individual has a guardian, and the family is seeking to make a change to the guardianship or add a co-guardian
  • The individual has a guardian, and an evaluation is needed to determine whether the guardianship continues to be necessary
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